Trough Cover Lifting Handles

At Fibex we offer a range of GRP Trough Cover Lifting Handles. This includes, ‘I Type’, ‘Hook Type’, and ‘T Type’. 

They ease the lifting of Fibex GRP Open Mesh Trough Covers and GRP Solid Top Trough Covers. 

What are trough cover lifting handles?

Trough cover lifting handles are also known as manhole keys, although our trough cover lifting handles are specifically for GRP fibreglass troughs. 

Our trough cover lifting handles are inserted into the keyway or a slot in the GRP cable trough system top, allowing the top of the fibreglass troughs to be removed safely. 

Typically, the cable trough system’s cover should be lifted vertically and then laid down on the ground safely, to minimise any potential risks incurred by lifting the GRP covers. 

What are the differences between ‘I Type’, ‘Hook Type’ and ‘T Type’ Trough Cover Lifting Handles?

“I Type”, “Hook Type” and “T Type” lifting handles all refer to the end of the lifting handle, where it makes contact with the cover of the fibreglass troughs.

Therefore, you should choose the type of lifting handles based on what you want to lift. 

Both “T Type” and “Hook Type” lifting handles are perfect for medium or lightweight lifting. If you are unsure which trough cover lifting handle you should purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be able to advise you on which lifting handle will be best for you. 

What products can I use Fibex’s Trough Cover Lifting Handles with? 

Our lifting handles are made with GRP trough covers in mind, which are lighter than steel or concrete cable trough alternatives. 

Our trough cover lifting handles are designed for use with our GRP Composite Trough Covers – including both the open mesh top covers and the solid top mesh covers. 

Both of our GRP top covers are lightweight alternatives to a concrete cable trough, and they are versatile products too. 

They are suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and can be used in a wide range of different locations and environments. To find out more about our GRP Trough Covers, click here