Trenchlite® GRP Cable Trenches and Covers

Trenchlite®  GRP Cable Trenches and Covers

The Trenchlite® trough and covers range provides a versatile and lightweight alternative to pre-cast concrete trenching systems. Trenchlite® multi-core cable trenches can be installed without concrete backfill whilst retaining the durability and strength of a concrete trench.

Trenchlite® GRP covers offer a flooring system for both vehicular and pedestrian access, with a combination of benefits and mechanical properties exceeding those of concrete. Weighing less than concrete covers Trenchlite® covers provide the same performance for considerably less weight.

Fibex GRP trench covers are certified to BS EN124 load ratings and approved to National Grid's standard specifications.

Why buy Fibex GRP trenches and covers?

Approved to National Grid's standard specifications
Low life cycle costs and zero maintenance
Non Corrosive and Non Conductive
Strong, Durable and Lightweight
Ease of Installation (1 or 2 man lift) - no lifting equipment needed
Anti-Slip Surface
Standard or bespoke sizes available

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