Standard GRP Open Mesh Grating

Standard GRP Open Mesh Grating

Fibex Standard GRP Open Mesh Grating is anti-slip, lightweight, strong and durable; it is the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications and environments.

Why choose Fibex’s GRP Open Mesh Grating instead of concrete alternatives?

Being up to 90% lighter than concrete alternatives, Standard GRP Open Mesh Grating saves on installation time, transport costs and labour.

What is GRP Open Mesh Grating?

GRP Open Mesh Grating is an open mesh alternative to concrete or steel flooring options. These open mesh alternatives have a high strength to weight ratio.

GRP Open Mesh Grating is formed of moulded glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), which is formed using continuous interwoven glass fibres. This acts as reinforcement material, while resin acts as the matrix with continuous solidification through a mould system, strengthening the GRP mesh flooring.  

Through this process, GRP Open Mesh Grating becomes a lighter product that can endure an incredible amount of weight. 

What kind of environments is it recommended to utilise GRP Open Mesh Flooring instead of other alternatives?

Open mesh grating is ideal in areas that have a heavy footfall because the open mesh flooring has excellent in-built slip resistance. This makes our GRP open mesh flooring perfect not only in high traffic areas but also in aggressive and corrosive environments. 

Open mesh flooring is also well suited to any extremes of temperature, and the GRP mesh panels will not warp or change due to the changes in heat. 

How easy is GRP Open Mesh Flooring to install?

GRP Open Mesh Flooring is lighter than steel by around a half, making fibreglass open mesh grating far easier to install than other versions. Additionally, when the open mesh flooring is installed, there is no need for any ongoing maintenance for the flooring. With GRP floor grating, upkeep is so much easier!

Where are some of the best places to install Open Mesh Flooring?

GRP open mesh flooring is ideally used in places that expect a lot of heavy foot traffic. This will include walkways, platforms, bridges, catwalks, loading docks and food processing facilities, plus many more environments, where GRP mesh provides a dense and safe walking surface. 

Where is it standard to use GRP grid flooring?

Open mesh GRP grating is manufactured to Fibex’s specifications and stringent quality standards.  When our GRP grid flooring is used in accordance with the installation guides our open mesh grating meets the relevant standards for:

GRP Green Open Mesh Grating

Additional information

We offer a precision cutting service at our GRP Processing Centre to meet your exact fibreglass open mesh grating specifications and cost-effective installation service nationwide – for any GRP grid flooring.

We stock a range of fixings for use with our GRP Open Mesh Grating that can be used in various applications such as the M Clip, J Clamp or Dome Washer.

Key benefits

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Anti-slip
  • Zero maintenance
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Conductive

Applications & Specifications

Product Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Colour Bar Centres (mm) Hole Size Bar size (mm)  Weight (kg/m2) Panel Weight (kg)
Open Mesh Grating 38 3665 1224 Green/Grey 38×38 31 7 18 80
Open Mesh Grating 50 3665 1224 Green/Grey 50×50 42 8 22 97
Open Mesh Grating 50 H/D N/A N/A Yellow N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Colour Bar Centres (mm) Hole Size Bar size (mm)  Weight (kg/m2) Panel Weight (kg)
Open Mesh Grating 50mm 15ml bar H/D 1830 1220 Yellow 23×23 N/A 14 N/A N/A
Open Mesh Grating 50mm 12ml bar H/D 1830 1220 Yellow 22×22 N/A 11 N/A N/A