The Fibex GRP Pedestal Support System (Screwjack) is an adjustable pedestal that can be used with Fibex GRP Grating to maximize safety and minimise risk on-site.

With the ability to support loads of more than 1000kg per pedestal, the Fibex GRP Pedestal is chemical resistant, hardwearing, and fire rated.

Once the Fibex GRP Pedestals are set to the required height, the position can be secured with a unique lockable key which is provided with the pedestals.

The Fibex GRP Pedestals are available in a range of sizes between 17mm to 860mm. We also provide a slope corrector which allows compensation from 0-5%.

Plastic pedestal, fibex pedestal, black pedestal

Additional information

Key benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Heavy load bearing
  • Lightweight

Applications & Specifications