45° Angle Section GRP Cable Trough

The Trenchlite® GRP Cable Trough system, innovated by Fibex provides a lightweight and cost-effective solution to pre-cast concrete troughs.

The reinforced design of Fibex’s GRP Cable Troughs/Cable Trenches offers a significant advantage over the typical polymer and composite concrete troughs. This is due to GRP Cable Troughs weighing around 90% lighter than pre-cast concrete.

The lightweight properties of Fibex’s Trenchlite® GRP Cable Trough system allow for overall cost savings when it comes to installation. For example, Fibex 600mm x 600mm GRP Trenchlite Troughs only weigh around 31KG in comparison to the typical 810KG weight of pre-cast concrete troughs. Fibex’s GRP Cable Troughs is handled and installed by a minimum of two labourers, as a result of this, there is no need for machinery.

As well as this, the lightweight characteristic of our GRP Cable Troughs/Trenches means transportation costs are reduced by up to 75%. Saving you on time, costs, and resources.

Fibex’s GRP Trenchlite® Trough/Trenches are capable of meeting D400 (40 tonnes) test load ratings with suitable Fibex GRP Trough Covers.

The many benefits of Trenchlite® GRP Cable Troughs/Trenches make them the ideal solution for use in a wide range of applications. In addition to being lightweight and, cost-effective Fibex’s Trenchlite® GRP Cable Trough systems are also non-corrosive and non-conductive.

Fibex uses GRP Cable Troughs/Trenches in:

GRP 45 degree Trough 600x300

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