GRP Trough Covers

Fibex GRP Trenchlite® Cable Trough Covers provide a versatile and lightweight alternative to Pre-Cast Concrete Trough Lid.

GRP Trench Covers, used alongside our award-winning GRP Cable Troughs, offer Trough Lids suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, with a combination of benefits and mechanical properties exceeding those of concrete trough covers.

The GRP Trough Covers are available in Open Mesh, Solid Top, Heavy Duty Open Mesh and Heavy Duty Solid Top. Their low life-cycle cost and require very little to no maintenance over their life span.

Weighing less than concrete lids, GRP Service Trench Covers provide the same performance for considerably less weight, without the need for specialist lifting equipment. Fibex GRP Cable Trough Lids can be fitted with our built-in lifting eyes.

Fibex offers various sizes and colours of Fibreglass Trough Covers. Our in-house design and fabrication team offer a precision cutting service at our GRP processing centre, to meet your exact specifications, making it more cost and time-effective for you.

Fibex GRP Trench Covers are certified to the load ratings of:

  • BS EN124, A15 – 1.5 Tonne, B125 – 12.5 Tonne, C250 – 25 Tonne, D400 – 40 Tonne, E600 – 60 Tonne, F900 – 90 Tonne

GRP Trough Covers Products

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