GRP Stairs and Platforms

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) stairs and platforms are a perfect alternative to more traditional steel and wood structures. Not only are GRP stairs lighter, but they are also safer than traditional building materials too. 

Our GRP stairs and platforms comply with all relevant standards such as BS 4592 and Eurocomp, ensuring that you can trust Fibex’s GRP structures. 

Why are GRP stairs and platforms safer than steel or wood platforms?

GRP stairs and platforms offer a hard-wearing slip-resistant surface, and if required,  the stairs and platforms can include a highlighted edge to make the walkways even safer. 

GRP stairs and platforms are also perfect for access near any live electricity, due to  GRP’s extremely low electrical conductivity. This makes these stairs one of the safest walkways for construction or industrial sites near electric mains. 

GRP stairs are also resistant to chemical corrosion, which makes them perfect for areas with a large number of industrial chemicals present. 

Are GRP stairs and platforms cheaper than traditional alternatives?

On average, GRP materials are 80% lighter than steel and wood equivalents. Once your GRP stairs and platforms arrive on site, they are extremely easy to assemble, with no welding required. 

Due to these factors, GRP stairs and platforms are far cheaper than any steel alternatives. GRP products will save you time, manpower and money.

GRP Up and Over Platforms

GRP Stairs and Platforms Products

LOC Platforms

Fibex offers custom-built LOC platforms, with a National Grid accepted design. Manufactured from high-quality GRP materials our GRP LOC platforms

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GRP Access Platforms

GRP Access Platforms

How are our GRP platforms manufactured? Our GRP Access Platforms are fabricated using high strength, corrosion-resistant GRP grating and profiles. 

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