Find a wide range of accessories here for all of your GRP product needs, from rubber feet to GRP anti-slip ramp edging and GRP anti-slip stair treads. Our GRP products are perfect for use in a wide variety of industries, due to their anti-rust, corrosion resistance, lightweight and hard-wearing qualities. 

Why use Fibex’s rubber feet accessories?

Our rubber feet are suitable for use with our Fibex GRP open mesh grating. Our rubber feet allow space below the GRP open mesh grating for spills or for the flow of rainwater. 

Our rubber feet help promote a safer working environment too, by helping to prevent trips and fall hazards. 

Why use GRP anti-slip ramp edging and GRP anti-slip stair treads?

Our GRP anti-slip ramp edging can be used in conjunction with our GRP open mesh flooring. Our anti-slip ramp edging is a great alternative to rubber matting and it provides a great anti-slip solution. 

Fibex’s GRP anti-slip ramp edging eliminates trip hazards and makes it easier to transport wheeled equipment up raised areas. 

Our GRP anti-slip stair treads allow a great level of anti-slip resistance – outperforming both rubber and aluminium alternatives. With our GRP anti-slip stair treads, stairs and stairwells become a safer place for workers and the general public.

Accessories Products

Rubber Feet

Fibex Rubber Feet are suitable for elevating Fibex GRP Open Mesh Grating 0.5” above the ground to allow for the

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