GRP Platforms, Structures & Stairs

GRP Platforms, Structures & Stairs

Fibex GRP Platforms, Structures and Stairs are made using high-strength, corrosion-resistant GRP Grating and GRP Pultruded Profile.

The Fibex GRP Platforms, Structures and Stairs system is ideal for use in:

  • Access Platforms
  • Stepovers
  • Stairs
  • Handrail

At the Fibex Processing Centre, our experienced team of designers and fabricators can produce a bespoke structure to meet your requirements.

Why use GRP products for platforms, structures and stairs?

Fibex GRP platforms, structures and stairs are perfect alternatives to traditional steel and timber products.

GRP stairs and platforms have a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface, which makes our GRP products perfect for use on construction sites, outdoor areas and anywhere that experiences a high amount of foot traffic. 

Additionally, Fibex’s GRP platforms, structures and stairs are great for any areas that are near live electricity due to their low electrical conductivity. 

Along with GRP’s resistance to chemical corrosion and rust, GRP platforms are one of the safest types of platforms for your workplace – particularly in industries like electrical substations, chemical industries and water industries. 

Are GRP platforms, structures and stairs easy to assemble?

GRP platforms are incredibly easy to assemble. They can be set up on-site, with no welding required. Due to GRP’s lightweight yet hard wearing qualities, they can easily be lifted across the site, with no special equipment required. 

This means that with our GRP platforms and stairs, you can save money on construction, manpower and transportation costs. In comparison to steel alternatives, GRP platforms can be very quickly assembled, saving you time too.

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