GRP Grating

Fibex GRP Grating provides a lightweight, low-maintenance, non-corrosive, strong, and fire-resistant solution. It is ideal to use in a variety of environments and applications.

What does our GFRP Grating range include?

We supply standard fibreglass open mesh grating, solid top, heavy-duty, machine guard and mesh infill grating solutions.

Why is Fibex GFRP Grating better than metallic alternatives?

Compared to steel grating, Fibex GRP composite grating is considerably lighter. It can be cut on-site with ease using only hand tools, meaning heavy machinery would not be needed.

These characteristics mean our fibreglass walkway mesh is easy to install in challenging areas, saving you installation time, labour and transportation costs.

In addition, because GRP walkway grating is very durable and non-corrosive, long-term performance is a given in aggressive environments where metallic options would fail over time.

What does our FRP grating range meet the relevant standards for?

Following the installation guides, our FRP Grating range is suitable for:

  • Industrial Flooring
  • Stairs
  • Access Platforms
  • Trench covers
  • Bund Flooring

What are the typical applications of Fibex GFRP grating?

Classic implementations of GRP mesh grating include grp riser grating projects, fencing and platforms.

Our GRP riser grating and GRP grid flooring are excellent to use in general flooring projects and walkways (raised or ground level).

Other uses include trench and gully covers, mezzanines and bund flooring.

What other Fibex products can be used with the GRP gratings?

We stock a range of fixings to use with our GRP composite gratings, such as the M Clip, J Clamp and Dome Washer.


GRP Grating Products

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