GRP Enclosures & Cabinets

Fibex GRP cabinets and GRP enclosures are non-conductive, non-corrosive, lightweight and easy to install. 

After installation, our cabinets and enclosures require no maintenance as they do not corrode or rust. 

Where are Fibex GRP cabinets and enclosures ideal to use?

  • Commercial electrical installations 
  • Domestic electrical installations 
  • Power network installations 
  • Roadside projects 
  • Rail industry
  • Marine industry
  • Oil industry
  • Gas industry

What are the Fibex GRP enclosures used to protect? 

GRP enclosures protect electrical equipment from interferences, including radio and electromagnetic obstructions in any building, utility and industrial project. 


  • Pressurization systems
  • Control rooms and panels 
  • Circuit breakers
  • Switch rooms 
  • House electric vehicle charging equipment
  • Distribution boards
  • Purging systems

What are the Fibex GRP cabinets used to protect?

They are used to house electrical supplies and equipment. 


  • Electrical meter boxes
  • Cover for distribution boards
  • Telephone cabinets 
  • Housing pumps
  • Housing compressors 


The Fibex GRP enclosure and cabinet range are available in multiple sizes and designs. 

Having IP55 water and dust protection and a rating of up to IP65, the equipment housed within our GRP boxes stays clean and dry. 

GRP Enclosures & Cabinets Products

GRP Enclosures

GRP Enclosures

When a strong defence against harsh environments is required, Fibex GRP Enclosures are an ideal solution. Reinforced with Fibreglass, the

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