GRP Cable Trays & Ladders

Fibex GRP cable trays and ladders are corrosion resistant, non-conductive, lightweight solutions for keeping cables protected and organised. 

What is a GRP cable tray?

Fibex GRP cable trays are also commonly referred to as ventilated cable trays. Made using a single sheet of Fibex GRP, the design of our GRP cable trays includes a slotted pattern. As a result, cable ties and tubing clamps to be fastened and eases the positioning of cables and other equipment.

Additionally, when potential planning changes are existent, our GRP cable trays offer you an easy solution to lay cables because they do not have to pass through a conduit pipe.

What is a GRP cable ladder?

Fibex GRP cable ladders (cable runways) facilitate changing cabling directions and levels. Their simple design consists of side rails and guides with connected GRP ladder rungs. The rungs are perforated with holes so cable ties can easily be attached.

What are the fundamental differences between Fibex GRP cable trays and ladders?

GRP cable ladders:

  • Typically used to support heavy cabling and bundles where there are long spans between supports
  • GRP cable ladders facilitate airflow to help avoid overheating
  • Mainly used in industrial and basement areas – away from the public eye

GRP cable trays:

  • Typically used to support lightweight cables and tubing
  • GRP cable trays prevent drooping to avoid circuit damage
  • Visually pleasing because they hide cables
  • Used in building with no panelled ceilings and public areas
  • Tray coverage reduces electromagnetic interference

GRP Cable Trays & Ladders Products

GRP Cable Ladders

GRP Cable Ladders

Fibex GRP Cable Ladders are typically used to support and protect high volume/heavy cables. It is corrosion-resistant, non-conductive, and lightweight.

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