GRP Bund Flooring

Bund Floors hold any spills and outflows from containment tanks. To avoid access challenges, the Fibex GRP Bund Flooring System raises the floor level to match the height of the surrounding Bund walls. This forms a trip-free, anti-slip working platform.

Our GRP Bund Flooring Systems can be raised using the Fibex Pedestals, Rubber Feet and Angle Supports, allowing any liquids to flow into the sump.

The GRP Raised Bund Flooring System is fabricated out of Fibex GRP Open Mesh Grating which is considerably lighter than concrete and allows for significant savings on installation time, transport costs and labour.

Being non-conductive and non-corrosive, our GRP Bund Flooring System will not be damaged by a spill.

Fibex GRP Open Mesh Grating is manufactured to Fibex’s stringent specifications and quality standards. It complies with the British and EN Standards BS 4592 industrial type flooring, walkways and stair treads.

We offer a precision cutting service to meet your exact specification and a cost-effective, nationwide installation service.

GRP Bund Flooring Products

Rubber Feet

Fibex Rubber Feet are suitable for elevating Fibex GRP Open Mesh Grating 0.5” above the ground to allow for the

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M Clip

M Clips are also known as Hold Down Clips. They are designed to secure Fibex GRP Grating down and prevent

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Plastic pedestal, fibex pedestal, black pedestal


The Fibex GRP Pedestal Support System (Screwjack) is an adjustable pedestal that can be used with Fibex GRP Grating to

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