GRP Access Chambers

The Fibex GRP Duct Access Chamber is made of 100% recycled plastic. It has been designed to be a quick-build alternative to traditional concrete or brick-built access chambers. Each 150mm deep ring can be simply stacked on top of each other to the required depth to complete a total load-bearing chamber.

Designed for use in both footway and carriageway applications, the Fibex GRP Access Pits have been tested up to BSEN124 D400, E600, and F900 loadings. The twin-wall design incorporates internal support tibs which give the finished GRP Access Chamber its inherent strength and also means that GRP Duct Chambers do not require a concrete surround for support, for most applications.

The Twin wall design provides a full bedding area for any GRP Access Pit and GRP Frame and subsequent transferal of loads through the chamber.

Manufactures from highly durable polypropylene, the Fibex GRP Access Chamber is lightweight and quick to install and available in a huge range of industry-standard clear openings that have been independently tested by Lloyds British PLC.

The Fibex GRP Access Chambers can be used as:

  • Cable Draw pits
  • Valve Chambers
  • Rail UTX Chambers
  • Highway MCX Chambers
Plastic access chamber

GRP Access Chambers Products

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