Due to their lightweight nature, durability, and fire performance properties GRP composite materials have an increasingly prominent role in the rail industry.

Our advanced design and highly developed manufacturing capabilities allow us to create products of superior structural integrity, whilst improving site safety & extending asset life.

Why are Fibex’s GRP products ideal for the rail industry?

Thanks to GRP’s innate qualities, it is the perfect material for many applications across the rail industry. Due to our GRP products’ lightweight and durable qualities, they can be assembled in record time. 

This ensures that there will be minimal disruption on-site and due to the ease of construction, it is a more cost-effective material than traditional steel products.  

We can custom-make our GRP products to suit your requirements, which is ideal when you need to find a product to fit a tricky space. Our lead times are also realistic so you can expect to receive our GRP products exactly when you need them. 

Where are our GRP products used in the rail industry?

Our GRP products are used throughout the rail industry to ensure that the rail network is safe and functional. Typically, GRP products are used for these specific locations and uses in the rail industry: 

  • Railway car parks
  • End gates for platforms
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Boundary demarcation 
  • Multi-story car park 
  • Access platforms
  • Bridges
  • Stairs

Fibex GRP products offer fantastic time and cost savings over the lifetime of the products.

Our most popular products for the Rail industry include: