GRP Rebar

Fibex GRP reinforcement bar, or Rebar as it is commonly know is made using high quality fibre glass and vinyl ester resins, with a deep helical outer surface to allow the concrete to gain an excellent mechancial grip on the rebar. Chosing a vinyl ester resin over a polyester gives it a 50 year or more resistance to corrosive chemicals when used in accordance with the recognised published standards.

GRP Rebar can you be used in any environment that its steel counterpart could be used in. However, due to its non conductive properties it really comes into its own as an ideal solution for environments where there is electrifcation potential such as electrical substations. GRP rebar does not need to be earthed therefore saving time and the cost of earthing materials.

Our GRP rebar also offers exceptional strength, however due to it's non corrosive properties it does not rust, or react negatively with the concrete surround. Providing you with high structural integrity and long life spans.

GRP Rebar is now a go-to option in many major construction products all over the world, including Europe, Japan when constructing earth quake resistant structures and even the UAE in the building of new skyscrapers.

At Fibex the product is available with a sanded or smooth finish and can be supplied in straight lengths, grid and curves.

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