Fibex GRP Grating

Fibex GRP Grating provides a lightweight, low-maintenance, non-corrosive, strong, and fire-resistant solution. It is the ideal grating to use in a variety of environments and applications.

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What does our GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) Grating range include?

We supply standard fibreglass open mesh grating, solid top, heavy-duty, machine guard and mesh infill grating solutions.

Why is Fibex GFRP Grating better than metallic alternatives?

Compared to steel grating, Fibex GRP Composite grating is considerably lighter. It can be cut on-site with ease using only hand tools, meaning heavy machinery would not be needed.

These characteristics mean our fibreglass grating is easy to install in challenging areas, saving you installation time, labour and transportation costs.

In addition, because Fibex GRP walkway grating is very durable and non-corrosive, long-term performance is a given in aggressive environments where metallic options would fail over time.

What other Fibex products can be used with our GRP gratings?

We stock a range of fixings to use with our GRP composite gratings, such as the M Clip, J Clamp and Dome Washer.  

what are the benefits of GRP Grating?

Wide range bearing load

Ventilation offered

Certified slip resistance

Corrosion resistance

Non-conductive properties

Lightweight installation

Fibex Composites

Why choose Fibex?

Fibex has over 20 years plus experience in supplying GRP grating to various industries. These include Chemical, Water, Marine, Oil, Gas, Rail, Construction and Electrical Substation environments. Fibex are approved suppliers for the National Grid and our GRP Grating withstands BS EN 124 load standards. 

grp grating relevant standards

  • Industrial Flooring

  • Stairs

  • Platforms

  • Trench covers

  • Bund flooring

what are the typical applications?

Classic implementations of Fibex GFRP grating include:

Anti-slip tested grp flooring

According to the HSE pedestrian slip model, contaminating substances, the frequency and methods of cleaning, footwear, and pedestrian behaviour are all environmental factors that could affect the potential of a slip when on GRP flooring. 

Working alongside the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG), the Health and Safety Laboratory designed a reliable test to assess the level of slip resistance of different flooring materials. This test formed the basis of Floor Safes BS7976 -2 Pendulum Slip Test.

This test involves a calibrated foot that swings from a horizontal release point. A rubber slider is attached to the foot and is constructed out of 4S rubber to replicate the standard simulated shoe sole. This design helps to duplicate the most common slipping motion experienced by the individual.

Once released, the foot strikes the flooring material for a known distance.
However far the shoe travels after the overswing is the pendulum test value (PTV, also known as the SRV Slip Resistance Value).

This test is one of the few methods that model the formation of a hydrodynamic squeeze film between the floor material and a sole – a key factor causing a wet slip.

Our GRP grating surfaces were subject to eight measurements of the PTV. The first three were discounted calculations of the mean.

Fibex GRP Grating anti slip test results

From all angles and against both wet and dry surface conditions, the Fibex GRP Grating range has low-risk slip potential.

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